Monday, November 1, 2010

New To Blogging? Watch This Video!

If you are not sure what a blog is or how it works, the video called Blogs in Plain English will help. This video explains why blogs are such a "big deal." To view the video, just click on the large arrow in the middle of the video window below.

Whole-House Surge Protection

It's important to protect all your electronic devices, not just computers, from surges. Printers, televisions, appliances and computer peripherals all require protection. However, it can be inconvenient to use individual surge protectors on all devices that need protection. One solution is to install a whole-house surge protector as shown in this photo. The device is installed by an electrician and is attached to your circuit breaker panel. Whole-house surge protectors function like other surge protection devices, but they protect all electrical devices in the house at once. The typical cost of $200 to $300 (installed) is generally less than buying individual surge protectors for every electrical device in your home.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Its Very Different This Time Around

Here I am back at school after so many years, and its all changed so much! When I was at SPC the first time, it was SPJC, there wasn't an ANGEL online class system, all tests were scantron, and I have a feeling there were quite possibly no online courses at all. I think the only thing close to it, was some courses were available to watch on TV.

Its amazing how not only these things have changed, but the campuses too. Some have renovated, some didn't even exist when I attended from 1996-1998.

Although some of the changes were disconcerting in the beginning, I am finding that I've adjusted and liking the changes.

Microsoft Office 2007 for Students - Cheap!

SavinMicrosoft is running an offer especially for college students called The Ultimate Steal. For a limited time, students can obtain a copy of Microsoft 2007 Ultimate Edition for only $59.95. To qualify for this offer, you must be enrolled at a US educational institution and have a valid e-mail address that ends in the edu domain. Considering this package is available at retail for around $500, this is a fantastic deal for students. So check it out and save some $$$ today!

Even though you can download the software from the Web site, you should also consider purchasing (for an additional fee) the software on DVD. This will make reinstalling the software much easier in the future in case you have a problem (such as your hard drive fails).

A Few Steps in the Journey

This is my 3rd semester back at SPC. I already have a BFA from Ringling and an AA from SPJC. When I was laid off, and unable to find a suitable job quickly, it was time to go back to school to get more training.

Its been a great adventure so far, it can be overwhelming at times, but I know at the end it will all be worth it. Here are a couple examples from my digital media class over the summer.

This project we needed to wrap text around an image, and use either a poem or song lyrics for the text. I chose a poem by Emily Dickinson.

This was a project where we needed to make a graphic reproducing a photograph the instructor provided.
We used Adobe Illustrator to create this project.

It is amazing how something as horrible as a layoff, can become a blessing in disguise in the end. I am very thankful for the opportunity to grow, learn, and add more tools to my artistic toolbox.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello All!

Hope you are enjoying our class!